Stay Tuned For Updates!

Hi everyone,

I know this blog hasn’t been updated in quite some time and there haven’t been new videos uploaded recently either, but rest assured that I haven’t been idle – I just want to find the right framework and right structure to deliver what I’ve been working on.

It won’t be anything LSAT-substantive; there are enough books and online courses about that. It’s not going to be the millionth course on how to take a contrapositive or how to tackle a sequencing game. Rather, I’m more focused on conveying the things that I’ve gleaned from my years of tutoring that aren’t necessarily common knowledge, but that are fundamental to scoring well on the LSAT.

In the meantime, I continue to tutor the LSAT privately and am happy to take on new students for the February and June exams. I also continue to recommend 7Sage to all of my students, as I firmly believe that it is the best LSAT course available today at any price, let alone at the bargain-basement price that they offer it at.

When the time comes, I’ll let you all know what I’ve been up to, and I can only hope that you think it was worth the wait.


Jonathan Wang
BrightLine LSAT Master Tutor
7Sage Featured Instructor

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