Hi! I’m Jonathan Wang, and I’ve been a professional LSAT tutor and law school admissions consultant since 2011. Previously, I have worked with PreProBono, 7Sage, and as an independent tutor and admissions consultant. You can learn more about me here.

I’m in the middle of redoing my website and online presence, so please bear with me!

I’ve set this page up because it’s easy for anyone to talk themselves up, but it’s harder to get someone else to do it for you – unless, of course, they believe very strongly in what they’re saying. So here’s what some of my past students have to say about me!

All content in these testimonials consists solely of the information that each individual student gave me permission to use. Some students have requested to use a pseudonym for privacy reasons, and I have of course honored their wishes. Aside from adding informational headers in some cases, I have not edited the text of these testimonials in any way.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

The class I took cost 1000 dollars and was kind of useful. The equivalent amount of sessions I could have had with Jonathan for the same price would have been infinitely better used…Jonathan’s knowledge of the LSAT is incomprehensible. He is a wizard of this domain. I would highly doubt that you have a problem with this exam that he has neither seen nor has a way of improving…Of all the dollars I have spent on LSAT preparation, with no doubt whatsoever, the best value has come with working with Jonathan Wang…TL;DR Jonathan is really f***ing good at tutoring the LSAT.

  • Dan L – 151 -> 165 (Remote Tutoring: NYC -> Chicago, IL)

I have two regrets about using Jon.

1) I didn’t call him soon enough
2) I didn’t have enough sessions

I am sincere about both. For some reason, I believed I could do it on my own and that I didn’t need more help. It was only after toiling for some months, in denial, and not seeing any improvement in Logical Reasoning (LR) despite massive amounts of input that I finally came to Jon for LR therapy. The results were transformative.

Ruarri Rogan – 156 -> 170 (Remote Tutoring: NYC -> Amsterdam, Netherlands)

I think I will forever consider my tutoring with Jonathan the best investment I ever made. The money I put down on tutoring came back many times over in scholarship offers at my target schools, and I couldn’t have done it alone.

– Lauren P. – University of Chicago Law School, Zubrow Scholar (Remote Tutoring: NYC -> St. Petersburg, FL)

One of my favorite things about Jon is that his genuine love for teaching shines through in his work…In sum, I’ve come to the conclusion that Jon knows anything and everything regarding the LSAT and any topic remotely related to it.

– Mia Kang – Harvard Law School (Remote Tutoring: NYC -> San Diego, CA)

If you plan to hire someone to help you prepare for the LSAT, you would be crazy not to hire Jonathan…His instruction and support helped me achieve my target score.

James Greene – Harvard Law School

[Jon] knows so much about the format of the test, the trends in the past, and literally more about the LSAT than anyone would ever want to know—and it was GREAT, because it literally meant zero surprises on test day….Jon’s advice definitely enabled me to walk in on test day, confident and mentally prepared.

Michelle Lee – Cornell Law School (Remote Tutoring: NYC -> San Diego, CA)

In comparison to the TestMasters instructors I had, Jonathan exceeded their teaching methods in every way…he not only knows how to break things down in the most efficient and sensible way but he understands how to convey these concepts with absolute clarity. Most importantly, Jonathan’s down-to-earth attitude and sense of humor made me look forward to each tutoring session. He completely eliminated my fear of the LSAT and helped me see the fun in it.

Caroline L – New York University Law School

Jonathan was also able to help me identify which challenges were technical (skill related – things I needed to practice and learn) and which were mental (relating to confidence, nervousness, etc), and steps I needed to take to get over them. He was also able to help me balance my studying so that I wouldn’t burn out and would be at my very best on test day. Worth every single penny and minute. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

R.L. – Emory University Law School (Remote Tutoring, NYC -> Los Angeles, CA)