Missing Inferences On Video 101

Whoops! There’s an easier way to do the first logic game from test 66! Rather than re-record and attempt to “hide” my inference-finding failure, I decided that an addendum would be a better way to approach it. Check it out!

The long version of the story is that I missed an inference that would have cut this game from maybe an 8-minute game to more like a 5 minute game. It’s an inference I honestly should have seen, given that I like to harp on students to try and see if they can identify a handful of scenarios that describe all of the possibilities. How embarrassing! I guess I should take my own advice.

I wanted to leave the previous video up for two reasons. First, it illustrates that you can still get through a logic game in good time even if you don’t make all of the inferences, which is a good thing to know because sometimes you’ll just miss something – it’s just the way things go. Second, I like the contrast – you can compare exactly where the game gets harder and where you start wasting time if you don’t make all of the inferences. Both of those things are valuable pedagogically, so I figure I can take a little egg on the face if it means that it’ll help you guys do better.

In any case, in case you missed the link above, here is the video – enjoy!

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