Real-Life Logic: Fantasy Football and the LSAT

Fresh off a simultaneously frustrating and satisfying Sunday of fantasy football, I’m back to talk about the LSAT, And what better way to study for the LSAT (or completely ruin your enjoyment of fantasy sports) than to analyze a logical error that’s brought up with alarming regularity in the sports world? My spidey-sense was triggered yesterday … Continue reading

Stop Collecting and Start Studying

A common question that gets asked on a lot of message boards is: “This is what I’ve got (list of materials). What else do I need to get started?”  And to be clear – questions about what books you should get, whether different methods will help you, and stuff like that are all 100% legitimate. … Continue reading

Stay Tuned For Updates!

Stay Tuned For Updates!

Hi everyone, I know this blog hasn’t been updated in quite some time and there haven’t been new videos uploaded recently either, but rest assured that I haven’t been idle – I just want to find the right framework and right structure to deliver what I’ve been working on.